Monday, January 31, 2011

November 2010, Part II.

So we had some more mocking rain at the Gray Havens later that week.

No matter, the solitary non-mocking rain had been enough to make the little plants happy.

The next day I did some window washin'.

And then, I decided to take drastic steps in order to get the sprinkler around the wheat without getting stuck.

That weekend, Linda asked me to go look at camera's with her. She wanted to replace her broken one. I was minding my own business, casually mixing with the various models on the showroom floor, when out of the corner of my eye.... what is this... a dustproof, waterproof shockproof Sony... with wide angle lens, sweep panoramic mode, selectable point of focus... I was in love. Finally, something to put on my birthday list.
Linda liked some Canon upgrade of her current model... I'm not really sure, the rest of the looking was a blur. I had found my match and it's name was Sony TX-5.

After several trips to several stores, and quite possibly some tears, Linda explained that by "look at," she meant "purchase." So that's what we did.

I think it made her happy.

I was happy the next day because the sprinkler had not gotten stuck.

And later in the day it passed the second danger zone unscathed.
And the wheat looked real happy.

The next morning we had the prettiest weather event there is... freezing fog.

So that week DanM came out to help me out on my new room in the basement.

This is the only decent picture of Dan that ended up on my camera. And you should ask Dan what I mean by that.

A lot of folks came up for Thanksgiving. It is weird having Texans in the family.

"Welcome to Tech, here are your boots. Please hand in your shirt."
Lydia trumped everybody with her mad texting skillz.

Luke changed into his "Grandma loves me" shirt.

The highlight of the week, and possibly my whole year, was Jim's demonstration of his MRI meltdown.

There was plenty of chillin'.
Luke and Lauren demonstrated what Luke was learning at college.

And there was some completely scientific testing of the power bracelet.

I think the tests were inconclusive.

Finally, we had a Thanksgiving/peer pressure miracle when Luke actually Skyped his girlfriend for us.


And then Spencer and Levi came over and had much too much fun making pies.

Thanksgiving morning Anna and I helped finish up the meal.

And then Anna gave a performance of the first Thanksgiving. High point... the extended trip across the ocean. "They were on the boat for a long time!"

Anna was a scored participant in the Connect 4 tournament for the first time.

We had a happy Thanksgiving meal.

And Anna got some good Papa Ted time in.

Her favorite part of the day was when mama pulled out all of the Christmas books.

Meanwhile, I dominated.

That evening I went back over to Mom and Dad's for the hootenanny.

Good times.

I went shopping with the Reeses on Black Friday.

The next day Anna and I discovered why people buy iPads... Angry birds.

And the day after that, Anna led us in a rousing game of hangman at Mio's. Which, if you are wondering, is the new/old best restaurant in town.
And that was November.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

November 2010, Part I.

So November started with the tying off of some loose ends. Specifically the chlorotic bean patches.

And then I had the last combine breakdown of the season. Deja vu. Yes the year had come full circle.

With less than an acre left.

\When that was over, I went wheat scouting. I was shocked to find that most of the wheat Over East had emerged. Apparently .35 hundredths is almost enough.

The irrigated was emerging as well.
.25" still wasn't enough for Thompson's or the Gray Havens.

Although there were a few brave souls who made it above ground.

And a lot more that had made a valiant effort.

As you can see, they had run out of moisture pretty quickly.

Some sooner than others.

The next week or so was kind of a blur, as I got quite ill. I'm pretty sure that Jonathan and Erica came to visit, since there are pictures of them. I have absolutely no record of their mother joining them, though. Weird.

I vaguely remember dropping Anna off at the zoo with Chris and a bunch of kids.

Apparently I left my camera too, since pictures ended up on it.

Apparently the next day I got up to take a picture of it almost raining.
Before going back to bed. Apparently later that night I held Erica while Anna read to her.

Another morning, another near rainfall event.

And here are some more pictures which are on my computer which I didn't take. These weren't even taken with my camera. But I like them.

I do have a memory of giving JEO and Anna some hot Ovaltine. Or at least a picture.

Anna was very exited to have cousins come to her house to play.

The cousins were also excited.

Then we got some more mocking rain.

At least the irrigated looked nice. In fact, I'd say it looked perfect for early November. Compare it to what last year's crop looked like looked like in early April 2010.

With all that green on the dryland losing moisture, it sure would have been nice to see some significant moisture Over East:

Oh well...

But wait, over in the Gray Havens, a full 1/2" of rain! I never though I could be so excited over a half inch of rain.

The wheat already looked happier.

I was so happy that I drove Anna and JEO to Oklahoma.
So that I could take a picture of Erica with Lainey. Note to self: next time take a few more and/or any pictures of JEO and/or JMLO.

Anna is always glad to see Lainey.

Anna and I got to hang out for a little bit after JMLO, JEO and ELO left.

We tried to get some hay for the cows.

I wish I wish I wish I had held the camera a little down and to the left:

By the time we got to the bales we realized we would be lucky to make it out of the field, much less be able to make it with a bale.
There were a few ruts. I guess we know where all our rain went to. Hey look, there's Joanna!

So the cows got some cheat instead. I'm sure that won't cause any problems later.

Then there was more Anna-Lainey bonding.

I got up the morning of the 14th to another mocking rain.