Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Randomness

They have been doing seismograph work recently, and Anna always asks what I am looking at out the window. Without fail, when I tell her that I am looking at the thumper trucks, she tells me "No, Thumper is a bunny."

The whole gang out at the Little Grill in Manhattan, which is a Jamaican restaurant. I found out why the call it "Jerk Chicken" Luckily my stomach only jerked once, and then accepted its fate.

Apparently, there is not even a cursory examination of fire safety in medical school.

Rabbit looking pretty for our first attempts at Christmas pictures.

Piglet and Tigger celebrate Piglet's Graduation.

Rabbit congratulates Piglet.

Piglet and her diploma... cover.

Piglet at the ceremony.

Our view of the ceremony.

Rabbit really enjoyed Roo's concert.

That little black dot on my arm meant a whole week's fumigation delay in hauling in this wheat. I can't really complain, though, since the price of wheat went up a whole dollar during that time.

More desperate times.
See Part 1

Anna took these three pictures. She wanted to take a picture of Piglet, which I helped her with, and then she ran off with the camera.

No Cephas meant a peanut party at Loby Thanksgiving.

It's nice to see Mark being bullied for a change.

This picture shows two things: 1st: Look at that stand! 2nd: they dropped the pump 20 feet, putting it at the bottom of the hole. That's the last step before drilling a new well.

This has been a terrible year for tires. This (new) tire went flat during milo harvest.


Susan said...

um, how did I get ropes in that picture with my diploma cover? Because I definitely don't remember those. Like at all.

lobiwan said...

You don't remember graduating Summa Cum Laude? That is odd.

mllr said...

$9.27 today in Nardin.

lobiwan said...

$9.29 today in GCK