Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Last Christmas Present. (Squeamish Readers be Warned.)

So I still had one more present to open on the day after Christmas. Only trouble, it was inside my pinky finger.
All prepped and waiting.

When I woke up this is what my hand looked like.

It's almost like we are brothers.

Having painful and immobile limbs is a good way to get more R&R time.

Shower fun.

Joela knows how to relax too.

So yesterday they took the bandage off and here's what was underneath. Apparently, I don't even get to keep my Christmas present. The doctor gave it to a friend of his who opened it and declared it to be a Periosteal Chondroma; a rare tumor of the cartilage which is both benign and non-recurring.

This is what my hand looked like when I left the physical therapist. They want my wrist immobile so I am forced to use my fingers, they want the pinky taped to the ring finger so it is forced to move with it. I also got some exersices to do and a resensitizing kit so I can retrain the damaged nerves in my pinky. Stitches out next week.

Happy New Year!


In the Mix said...

Yay and yuck! Glad it wasn't anything bad.

malh said...

That will be a cool scar:)