Thursday, October 08, 2009

Scenes from Milo Planting.

Still finding pieces of the dairy...

These are the knockout wheels that push the milo seeds out of the seed disc on the planter. The one on the left wasn't working too well...

It's always fun to find pieces of your equipment laying in the field, like this gauge wheel.

Same gauge wheel, one day later.

Sometimes when you are fixing one problem (say a missing gauge wheel) you find another. Note the wiring wrapped around the trash whipper.

I have been "rained" out at the Gray Havens more than all of my other land combined over the past three years. I just plan on it now.

Here is the same picture with a red line added. The red line marks the change from what used to be the corner to what used to be an irrigated circle. This corner had already been planted to wheat when we bought the ground. Because of this, the ground we are standing on was in continuous wheat for 2008. As you no doubt recall, the fall/winter of 2007-2008 was incredibly dry, so we had a pretty poor wheat crop on this field in 2008. The wheat was naturally that much worse where it was continuous. What I want you to notice is the difference in ground cover on either side of the red line (much more cover beyond it.) This will be important later.

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