Thursday, November 11, 2010

February 2010

So February found me, having successfully completed my 5th annual off-season re-watching of every season to date of LOST, able to do some last minute side by side rehashing of various plot points in preparation for the big LOST season 6 premiere on the 2nd.
The next week I traveled to Manhappenin' with Chris for a meeting.
Uncle Ben celebrated a pretty big milestone on the way.
Once there we went to our meeting, and also spent time with the Madjhgwicks, eating, talking, and watching LOST. I also got to see Dan in his native habitat.
Right after that trip, Betsy and I took off sans Anna for our own little trip.
We picked up some crayons on the way.
And some pizza.
And we went to some movies.
And we went to the Cave of the Winds.
And looked at Pike's Peak from our jacuzzi.
And took this photo just like the one from our honeymoon:

Anna and I hung out a lot too, both before and after pre-school.
Anna thought I should buy this Laura-esque wagon at the auction.

Ready for a stroll.

And hard at work in her office.

Then I accidentally bought this truck:

I did not accidentally buy this "orange cupcake dog:"

I then had to haul some wheat so Swheatie wouldn't get jealous.

Anna helped with that too.

I also did some wheat scouting.
This is the wheat that was planted in mid November.
It was easier to find in this bare spot.

We had Sunday the 28th at our house since Mom and Dad were in Oregon.
It wasn't the same without them so we skyped them in. It was nice to see Jeanette too. Erica came the very next day.

Also in the month of February, Chris came across this sweet gem of an Agriculture publication.

A lot can change in 30 years. Not the fact that crop rotation leads to higher yields, however. Nothing like a little "new research" to "confirm" what Mankind has known for many thousands of years.

A lot of things were slightly outdated. It has been a long time since anyone has bragged about 180 bu. corn in these parts.

And there were some new developments that apparently didn't quite pan out. "Won't be right for everyone"-- nor anyone, apparently.

And some problems with as yet un-dreamed of solutions.

Now for some tillage-practice comparisons.
Ugh. They really did their job at K-State, 'cause nothing turns my stomach quite like a moldboard plow.
Their light tillage didn't leave me feeling much better: FIVE tillage passes!

There were a couple visions of what was to come.

My favorite article was this one.

They quoted some good sources.

And a real nice picture.

Could it be?? My very own Dad?

Wait, never mind, apparently just a picture of Dad's evil twin Harold.


jmlo said...

Fun skype pictures. Love the old picture of Dad.

mllr said...

Nice picture of Daddy!