Friday, December 30, 2011

More Obsessive Chronologicality.

And more makin' up words.

It might be 'bout time for the new year. But on this here 'bLog, it is just now gettin' on September.
We loaded up our two girls plus Betsy's sister Abby plus and a bunch of stuff for Betsy's sister Susan's wedding and headed off for Manhappenin'. Or as the kids are callin' it these days, The Hat(t) (Thanks, Twitter!)

We made sure to check out the MANHATTAN letters. A is for...

And we checked out the art museum, which is now twice as big.

And we all did some reading in the great room. Probably my favorite place on campus.

Then we went and visited big-shot-name-on-the-sign Susan at her office in Eisenhower.

And of course hanged out with the Madgwicks.

On Saturday morning Betsy put on her workout clothes "just in case someone makes [her] run up the hill a few times" and we headed out to the new team house for the K-State Rowing Alumni reunion.

Um, wow. No port-a-potties for the crew girls anymore.

Laura (Betsy's old roomie) came, but did not bring her hubby Dave (my old roomie). :(

They took out several boats.

And Betsy was able to tell Anna all about what the girls were doing.

Betsy decided not to go out on the water because as a Coxswain, she would be responsible for for the $45K boat out on the water and that seemed like a lot of unnecessary pressure for a vacation. I pointed out that the other circa-Betsy-era Cox was taking a boat out and then Betsy pointed out that the other circa-Betsy-era Cox is now a rowing coach. So then I stopped talking.

Not going out on the water gave her more Maggie hang out time anyways.

And more family picture time.

Anna and the new team house.

There were quite a few alumni rowers that made the trip.

And here is the group from Betsy's time. The original Varsity rowers. The few, the proud, the Hale girls.

And then, a special surprise. They sold anybody there old blades for a one-time-only super cheap price. Good thing we brought the truck! Seriously, this will look so cool hanging in our basement.

And then later we went to the Rowing Alumni barbeque in 'Cat town. Also much fun.
And then it was time for some football.

We had a blast training up the girls in the way they should go re:football.

Even if Katie didn't pay much attention.

Pre-game, and me with no cymbals.

I love this shot of Betsy and Anna.

At the end of the first quarter, they introduced the Alumni rowers on the field.

See Betsy?

Here's the video: (Nice save, Betsy!)

And then we watched the most boring game of football ever played.

Anna kept asking when they were going to score.  "Hopefully before the game ends, honey." One time when the team was huddled up she said "I think they are hatching a plan!"

Little did we know at the time what a gutsy, never-say-die, 10-2 regular season, Cotton Bowl bound team this was.

Final score 10-7 'Cats.

And there was much rejoicing.

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