Thursday, January 28, 2016

February 2015 Picture Review

More pictorial navel-gazing.

Birthday Ice Cream
 iPhone Picture. The best camera is the one you have with you right now.

Morning Cereal
 I love everything about this picture.

OK-- Here is the problem with taking pictures of Anna.  She will only give you one good smile, and that is usually before the camera is even focused. This is the best picture of Anna's face:
Turtle Love

I like this background/composition the best:
 And in this one the white balance auto shifted to whatever the "right setting" was for this particular situation. I can fix that in post processing, but again, I don't want to have to.

 He was head was centered a split second before this, honest.

These two of Katie-- I like the bottom picture of Katie much better, but it is  overexposed.  I spent most of this year taking pictures in both small jpegs and full RAW. This would work great if I were a professional who had time to edit every picture, but it just doesn't work what with the incredibly huge files and no time to do post-production.  I have now switched to just taking Large jpegs. They are still MUCH smaller files than the RAW, and since the camera isn't spending energy saving two different file types, I can use things like auto exposure bracketing, so hopefully I can end up with a better exposed picture. This is also a huge issue because the screen on the camera looks different from the screen on my phone looks different from the screen on my computer... It makes it tricky to decide if the camera is set right in this kind of situation.



 Children de-centering themselves is not just a problem with 3 month-olds.

Family Fun

"Keeping it Simple"
 This is an iPhone picture of my old boss at K-State giving a presentation on his current research.  It was the best job I had in college, and the only problem with it was I didn't get it until my last semester there.  The picture in my head is still better, but I thought it worked out pretty good since I  was constrained by the effort to not distract him by making it obvious that I was taking a picture.

Snow is tricksy! Constant struggle between blue snow and bleached colors. I thought these turned out relatively nicely:
Abominable Snow Jimmy

Abominable Snow Jimmy Too

Snow Katie

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