Thursday, August 11, 2005

Post #2, and you thought I was a quitter

So I just spent 4 hours spraying, with more to go...Yesterday Anna and I irrigated and changed the oil in the tractor(8100). Changing oil is always exciting for me because it is a question of just how much hot oil I will spill on myself. I got by with just changing my shirt this time..not to bad. Dad ended up watching anna in the afternoon so I could get some spraying done. They ended up taking a nap. (suprise, suprise)Last night I went to practice for church on sunday and for the big Praise night thingy that Gina is putting together. Anyway we ended up working on the new songs until 10(ten). It was really nice to play the drums to the point of exhaustion again. It's been a long time. Gina's brother was there from alberta, where he apparently runs sound for the church up there and he was giving all the sound people a clinic. I've been around a lot of soundmen in my time, but I think he definitely knew more than all of them combined. I learned more about sound in five minutes than in my entire life.So today I'm spraying the rest of everything(fallow), hopefully it will be the last time this season.Yesterday we learned that if the bottle of pipe dope says "helps seal pipe threads..." the 'helps' means "will not."Today we learned that you should check to make sure the valve is closed before turning on the glyphosate pump.

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