Thursday, September 15, 2005

I got the Woot!, baby...

So we just got done with wet corn harvest. It went smashingly well. Now I know you are thinking: 'but Matt I thought you had sworn off cutting wet corn.' Well I kind of had, but let's face it, I'm a waffler. It is just too hard to watch everybody else having fun. Plus, if the government is willing to give me 40 cents per bushel so long as I cut it today, who am I to argue? Anyways the corn did real good (212) and we had no major mishaps or breakdowns. I would have cut more, but the rest is all contracted dry(for about 70 cents above the current market price, thank you very much.) It was also a kind of subdued harvest because apparently everyone forgot to check their corn earlier (so their wet corn was too dry to be considered wet by the time they cut it), resulting in heritage taking in about half their normal quota. Normally heritage is a teeming mass of loaders, tractors, trucks, and men all narrowly avoiding each other. The best way I know to describe it is it is kind of like riding in a cab in Mexico. The cab has no dents in it, but after five minutes, you have no idea how. The longest line I saw was 3 trucks long. It's normally closer to 10.

In other news, woot is awesome.

In other other news, Linda has been in Salina all week playing paintball. And getting paid for it!

In other other other news, I was talking to Anna recently and this is what happened: Me:"you need to be a good girl for your mama this evening, okay?" Anna: "okay."
Betsy was there so I have a completely reliable witness.

This week we learned that fried chicken followed by taco bell is better than any alarm clock.

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mllr said...

I know that you think that Anna is the cutest kid in the world and she is close but you need to view mssequel.blogspot....