Wednesday, August 24, 2005

K......P, Q-R-S

Sunday night I watched Kung Fu Hustle at the folks house. It is a pretty sweet movie. I need to watch it with someone like DANM so he can point out all of the movie references.

Monday had me spraying again. Apparently 1.30" was just enough to get the rest of the volunteer wheat to sprout. Also Megan and Lucy stopped by to see Anna, so that was fun.

Yesterday we held the first meeting of our artist's guild. We are all going to go in together on a booth for Art in the Park next summer, and so are going to get together weekly to work on our projects. I am probably going to sculpt more than anything, 'cause it comes a lot easier to me than other things, but I am probably going to start with some drawing and painting just to see if I can do it.
Jonas told us about his first day of school in which he learned to go up the mountain, down the mountain and across the mountain in order to make an A. They also learned a variant of the alphabet song where L-M-N-O is left out. Curious.

Last night we learned just how bad I am at analog communication.

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