Friday, August 19, 2005

Today Anna went to her first field day. It wasn't a very big deal, just 5 soybean varieties side by side. We finished cleaning wheat yesterday(sort of.) So we had to clean out the "dirty wheat bin." This is the place where all the wheat screenings go after they leave the seed cleaner. It is the worst thing that we have to do all year. Some would argue that cleaning out the bin over east is worse, due to the amount of water that collects in it and the resulting smell, but I think that the the dirty wheat bin is worse because it is always so hot when we do it. The problem is that it takes long enough (around four hours) that you can't get it done before it starts to get hot outside. Any way hopefully a picture of dad inside the bin will appear here:

Now imagine you are hot, sweaty, and covered in wheat dust. Posted by Picasa

So the last couple of days I watched the Rader sentencing hearing, and it was pretty disturbing. I think it was good that they did it, though, because all of those investigators were able to get all that junk out in the open that they have been living with for all this time. I wasn't planning on watching the victim's statements, but I ended up doing just that, and I am glad that I did. My favorite was Charlie Otero. He was fifteen when his parents, brother and sister were murdered. Anyway, I remember seeing an interview with him shortly after they arrested Rader. He was in prison in New Mexico and basically hadn't seen his (surviving) brother and sister in thirty years. He was a very, very angry person. Anyway yesterday he talked about how after thirty years he had found his family and come to peace with himself and with God. It was neat to see, and you could see how his whole demeanor was different.

Last we night we learned that Anna knows when the diaper bag has been left at home, and will poop accordingly.

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