Monday, August 15, 2005

Oakley, Office Space, and Other Blog Sites

So this Saturday we went to oakley for the Alber's reunion. This is the first time I have been to this function since I was like 18. So there were a lot of people there that I did not recognize. The main event(curiosity?) at this reunion every year is the sweet corn. For some unknown reason the Albers family is synonymous with corn cooked in beer. I guess you could say it tastes good, besides being rather mushy. Maybe it goes good with Coors Light, I'll have to try the combination sometime. The other highlight was my cousin Daniel's movie reviews. The Aviator: "I would rather break this beer bottle over my head and chew on the glass shards than to sit through that again." The Dukes of Hazard: " She was hired to be eye candy, and she did a GREAT job." and "They couldn't have honked that horn enough."

On sunday we got to see Dan & Sarah, newly back to the States. It sounds like they had a jolly good time. Dan & Sarah are one of my favorite couples because before they got together, I could never imagine them hitting it off very well, but then I see them together and I can't imagine them not together. I think they compliment each other very well.

Sunday night Anna and I went over to Chris and Shannon's for dinner. We watched Office Space too. Office Space is even better now that Heath works for Inatech.

You may be interested to know that I have started a parallel blog on Blogspot. It is exactly the same as this one. Why? you are asking. Here are the pros each respective blogging site:

Live Journal:
Sam, my emoticon
Susan is on LJ
The fun "Friends feature" which allows you to experiment with "degrees of separation"

Free image hosting
warmer page designs
The people seem classier.

Anyways I will probably upload pictures to BS and then copy the html over to LJ

This weekend we learned that Kevin is coming from California to convert us all to Greek Orthodoxy

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