Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pre X-Mas X-itement

Normally in this space at this time would be pictures of our annual trip to Margaret's for Linda's Birthday. Instead we decided to drive to Dodge City and back. We made this decision in Dodge City when we could no longer see . It took as an hour to get to Dodge and two and a half to get back home.

It was nice that we didn't go since I didn't have to wait two days to see what happened to Alec, Pam and The Black.

Robin Hood and Little John (Anna thought they needed to have their green hats on before they watched the movie.)

Luckily, Betsy read on a review of Anna's X-mas present not to wait until the night before christmas to put it together. Let's see, while I was assembling this kitchen, I was able to watch the final three episodes of Lost season three, along with all 4 commentaries, and the majority of the special features disc. Of course, a normal person would not feel compelled to grind off the edge left over on each piece from the molding process, so you could probably done it in half that time.

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dbilberry said...

I put that same kitchen together for Kadyn. It was a bear, and I was missing 3 clusters so Kadyn had to wait another week to use it until they came in from the company. However, it is a nice kitchen for the kids.