Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Weekend II Part III: Saturday

"Watch out for the tractor, corn!"

Poppa Smith does some routering while Grandpa M, Master Dan, and Phinn supervise.

Installing the counter top.

Sarah and GiGi

GiGi and Phinn.

Phinn stuck his thumb through his Styrofoam cup of ice water at lunch.

GiGi and Master Dan.

Ready to take over the world...

After lunch we drove to Hutchinson and the Cosmosphere. It did not close at nine, as we believed, but at eight. We did have time to look around the free section, though.

Anna attempts an orbiter recovery operation.

After the Cosmosphere we went to a park, as per Anna's request.

Trolls under the bridge.

And here you have it, our two year old old eating pizza and watching TV at 11 at night.

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