Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graduation Weekend II Part I: Thursday

Our trip got off to a GREAT start, as you can see from this picture taken while sitting in the driveway.

Helping the Pierceville economy...

Anna had a little too much fun with her markers.

We stopped for gas at the Belpre Co-op across the street from this house.

We stopped here for supper.

Anna is good at entertaining herself in the car.

Main Street, Cottonwood Falls, KS.

The courthouse.

The old highway bridge that they converted to pedestrian use. It is really a very lovely spot. These upstart Kansas towns could learn something from Californians, though: this bridge doesn't even tell time.

The cottonwood falls.

More Anna in the car.


betsyann said...

I wish I had gotten better video. We started to tape when we heard her singing along in the back seat. It was awfully sweet.

mllr said...

I love that court house!

linda jean said...

that 1st pic is about gas... right?

lobiwan said...

lj--wrong. we kept forgetting things and then we passed the mailman and so followed him back so I could see if my wallet-- which had remained in Nardin after Graduation Weekend I-- had arrived (It Hadn't.)