Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Which lobiwan Takes a Journey.

On May 2, I drove the tractor to town to pick up my new sprayer. It was a crazy windy day. I went through Holcomb to avoid driving on the highway with the tanks on the tractor.

This is one of many reasons why I like no-tilling. I don't have to worry about my ground blowing. (Most of the time.)

Entering the city of Holcomb on the return journey.

These curbs (going the opposite direction) were the worst part of the trip. Everywhere else I could leave a lane open by driving half on the shoulder. Of course, that section was where I saw the most traffic.

Honestly, Texans shouldn't be allowed to drive.

Phew! Safely back to the country!
The round trip, including about a hour at the Wylie store took a little over four hours.

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