Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Which lobiwan Travels to Kansas City; Forgets His Camera.

So Betsy and Anna and Abby and I went to Manhattan over the Labor Day weekend. Then Betsy and Anna (and Daniel) and I went to Kansas City so I could play with RPM at the Rock the Light Festival. Here are three pictures that Betsy took:

Anna helps me warm up for the show.

The show.

Afterward we (Betsy and Daniel and Anna and I) tried to go to the "Crown Center" but instead only drove in concentric circles around the "Crown Center" all the while trying to avoid drunken (I assume) Irish revelers. So then we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. We sat in a lot of furniture and looked at electronics and stuff and then I looked at this Porsche. I was just thinking to myself how outlandish the price of this car was when I realized that it was actually cheaper than the tractor I "paid for" before we left GCK. So Betsy took my picture in front of it. Then we ate at the Olive Garden in Topeka for old time sakes. Then we returned to Manhattan. Then, having sufficiently hanged out with everybody, we returned home to GCK late Sunday.

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Jenny said...

We are jealous. :-) Sounds like fun!