Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Milo. More Fun

Well, just as soon as I thought I was done with milo harvest, Larry flagged me down and asked us to cut some for him.

Look at that front coming in, I'll bet someone with a wide-angle lens could take some neat pictures in the next hour.

I am always worried that we aren't doing a good enough job cleaning up the milo.

But then I saw what the neighbors were hauling in.

We don't seem to get bucks like this over on the east side.

This road is a little scary to road a combine down. At least I didn't have to do it at night this time. I did verify my hypothesis that the poles do get closer together further south, it is not just my imagination. Yikes!

Well they finally got enough milo in to start piling it on the ground. This is fun because you get to drive past the massive corn pile and watch your milo reach its final destination.

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