Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Corn Watch Days 9, 10.

So as not to make the corn think I was overly anxious, I took Swheatie up to Boots's to pick up a load of screenings.

It was really unfortunate to see how slow business was for Chris. I wonder how he is going to make it.
Then that afternoon I test cut some of the corn Over East.
It was... well, it was perfect. Except that Galen told me that they couldn't take it. And I was like "You're joking, right!" because experience has taught me that 99 percent of the time Galen is, in fact, joking. Except that Galen was not joking. They weren't accepting ANY additional wet corn contract. And neither was anyone else. But he did say I could go ahead and bring him a load in the morning, since I already had some on the combine. So the next morning we cut a load...

...and brought it down, and I promised the panicked girl at the scale that Galen had said it was OK and that I wasn't bringing any more in. J.T. and Galen (who had gone to a funeral) had told her in no uncertain terms not to let anybody not on the list deliver any wet corn.
And so that was the end of wet corn harvest.


Jenny said...

Wait - so does that mean you didn't get to harvest and sell the rest of it?

lobiwan said...

No, it just means I had to wait for it to dry down in the field in order to take it to the elevator/farm storage. It wouldn't be much of a problem except that I was planning on planting wheat on both circles of corn.

mllr said...

I get confused by you cutting corn in February...why don't you take a day and catch up all at once (says the girl who hasn't blogged in over 6 months).