Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some September Randomness.

Betsy was horrified... HORRIFIED at what I had done, but I figure someone should get some joy out of a trip to Wal-Mart.

09-09-09 went something like this:
Work in office until appropriate time to snap photo.

Ensure corn is STILL being watered. On September 9! I've had my corn cut by this day before!

Try some of Rod's dryland...

It was a little bit too wet. Pretty pretty corn, but too wet. And so began the Great Corn Watch of '09.

Go to church band practice, followed by a trip to the grocery store. I took a chance and ignored this warning label.

A final thought, from September 10...
People who don't control their volunteer wheat should be fined. People who graze their volunteer wheat should be shot. (well maybe just kicked real hard.)


betsyann said...

It was horrifying, but not quite as bad as Poppa Ted, who let Anna ride in the car cart at Dillons.

I've been distracting her for years so that she wouldn't know it existed.

Susan said...

Dad let Anna ride in the car cart? We NEVER got to do that!