Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Katie's First Road Trip.

First some comparisons. Abby 'n' Katie, Abby 'n' Anna.

14 Day old Anna on top, 12 Day old Katie below:

Katie had no idea of the crazy week in store for her.

On Tuesday the 22nd, we drove to Wichita after Anna's Parent teacher conferences and after everyone still in the building got to hold Katie. Once there, Katie and I went to Chipotle and then I went for a drive with Kent and Heath and Chris in Heath fancy-pants Banana Republic car.

I had meetings all day Wednesday and Robert stopped by the hotel to meet Katie. Her she is, contemplating how much fun it would be to urp all over Robert's suit.

After the meetings we headed over to Andover to meet Kent and Jenni and Peter and Piper.

Piper schooled me in the staring contest so bad that I totally forgot to take her picture :(

Then we headed out to supper with the whole Hammond family. There were a lot of people to meet.

Like Kathryn.

And Christian.

And Anna's bff Lilian.

And Finney.

And cousin-to-be Trisha.

And of course, Aunt Favorite.

Then, after a quick stop at the Howard's, we headed to Nardin. Spenco was there to greet us at the door.

And there were more meetings. Like Margaret.

And Spencer.

The next day was a nice, lazy one.

Except for Spencer and Anna's after school dance party and pillow fight.

Then Jim came home. He decided Katie would look great in a campaign.

And then Marg took some pictures.

Later that evening we met up with the Texas Lobys at Taco Mayo. They were on their way to visit K-State.

That night Katie showed off her mad head raisin' skillz for Jim.

And was generally pretty cute.

Anna spent some time relaxing on Friday, as we decided there was no reason good enough to drive with a newborn on icy roads. Even a reason like meeting Clementine :( Being responsible is stupid sometimes.

Anna chilled in her dance club...

And worked with Margaret in her office.

And Jim and I visited the FSA office...

And visited the twin towers of Nardin.

We had a lot of fun.

And then Joanna came.

And Drew.

And Anna read a story to Drew.

The Texas Lobys returned late that night . We got to see them for a little bit more before they headed off to Stillwater to see the OSU game. I decided I was too tired to add any more driving to the trip, Plus I got to see the 'Cats beat up on Mizzou on the TV.

Mark came by to meet Katie and to spread fertilizer.

And Katie and Jo bonded.

I went over to watch Rod and Jim sort cattle.
I like cows. Especially in small, non-monetarily involved doses.

Rod was taking his calves to market.

Then we checked up on Mark.

I like Jim's wheat 'cause it's green colored.

Back at the house Katie showed of her thumb sucking trick.

And then Lainey got to come meet her.

And Anna read some more of her book.

We stuck around a little bit more so that Anna could try on a cheer-leading outfit.

And Marg could get more pictures.

And so we could witness the birth of an evil empire,

And just be cute.

Finally, we went over to meet Darrell and Jeanette.

Then the camera battery died, so we knew it was time to head home.


betsyann said...

yay for trips! and family! and pictures! and books! (it's time for me to go to bed).

betsyann said...

And that first picture of Abby makes my heart feel all squeezy and sad. Did you have to put it right on top?

Melanie said...

What a thorough report! I love the comparison pics--always fun to see. :) Next time, we better make it on the trip circuit. Still laughing a little about the mix-up!

Jeanette said...

This was great but I have to say it makes me more excited about Katie's first plane ride. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Jim said...

Very nice compilation!