Friday, April 15, 2011

Katie Takes Oregon, Part III.

The next day was a pretty lazy one.

But not to lazy for more donuts.

Jonathan and Anna stopped to smell the flowers.

And Katie got tickled.

And spent some quality time with Uncle Eric.

Although Erica preferred to have her own quality time.

She helped me look at pictures since we were both confined to the floor.

Erica often finds random obstacles keeping her from where she wants to be.

I don't think her prayer worked.

But soon enough she forgets about the greater world beyond the living room.

The next day we went to a false donut store.

And then we went to Lithia Park. Apparently in Ashland they also think it is appropriate to have whitewater running through the middle of town.

There was just one duck in the lower duck pond. Apparently the economic downturn has not affected the Oregon ducks as much as had been feared.

You have to respect a community that decides that a mountainside park situated along a rushing creek needs some improvement... like say... a duck pond.

OK, we have the rushing stream. we have the beautiful trees, we have the mountainside, we have a duckpond... but there is still something missing... I know! A second duck pond!

Really I don't see why they keep the stinky old stream around at all.

The kids certainly preferred the duckpond.

Just look at all those Uppity ducks!

It really is a shame that such nicely manicured lawns are interrupted by this ridiculous stream. Boring!

Then we went to Fun Again Games in Ashland. As is our custom, we arrived before they opened. So Betsy and I went to the Artist flea market thingy a couple of doors down. I kind of regret not buying this painting for Linda:
Notice the title, it kind of makes the picture perfect, in my mind.

Then we met Eric for some yummy tacos in Phoenix. (In case you haven't noticed, all the town names were taken by the time Oregon was settled, and so they just recycled old ones. Because they care more than you do. As they will not hesitate to tell you.)
Anyhoo, yummy tacos.

And then more glorious rain on our way to the Harold and Davey store.

I just can't seem to understand their marketing slogans.

Then we had some cousin bonding.

And a photo session.

And then some cartoons.

And snuggling.

And purple potatoes.

And reading.

Oh yeah, and a phone call at 10 PM telling one of our flights was canceled in the morrow. I was so happy I could cry.

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linda jean said...

I didn't realize my distain for suit-wearing, bugle-playing cyclists was so transparent.