Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katie Takes Oregon, Part II.

So after another long sleepless night in Sciatica Land, it was time to start the new day with a good healthy breakfast.

Erica made sure her nose was properly squooshed.
And Anna and Jonathan got some reading in.

Then I made everybody some quesadillas.

And Katie got some tummy time.

And I talked to Nathan about my MRI results (Dr. Koko was off visiting a new grandbaby.): Big ol' herniated disc. Which is what we had expected. We decided to go ahead and make an appointment with the back specialist. It was Friday and they got me an appointment for Thursday. So 6 more days of misery, minumum.

Then we drove off to do more walking.

We drove up the side of Roxy Ann. There were no red lights.

Eric and Erica practiced their stoic man and baby pose.

And then we walked.

And looked.

And walked.

And walked.

And posed.

And looked some more.

And posed some more.

And got teased by Eric.

And got educated by Eric.

And then more posing.

And more walking.

And then we drove back home.

Then I went to the store with Jeanette. Because it involved walking. This sign made me laugh.

And then we watched some more basketball. Except for Erica, who was put in her cage.

Anna was nice enough to make a visit.

The next day everybody decided to go have fun without me. Or else I told them to in a fit of Percocet induced euphoria. I don't really remember. But I stayed at the house all day watching (incredible!) basketball and playing Splinter Cell and taking Percocet.

While everybody else headed for the coast. The kids had a nice ride. Except for Anna, who is faking:

Apparently they stopped to eat some food.

Or at least sit around in a restaurant.

Eric accidentally smiled in this one. I guess nobody's perfect.

Then they apparently went to a parking lot which happened to be by the ocean. Somewhere.

They apparently stopped to regroup, accidentally getting a picture sans parking lot.

Phew! They fixed it.

Oh how sweet, Katie's first trip to a parking lot.

Oh wait, my mistake... Katie's first trip to a parking lot by the ocean.

And then they completely forgot about the parking lot in this picture. Weird.

Then they went to the plant rehab center. Tragic.

Luckily there were some clean plants also on display.

They apparently let Katie take this picture.

It's hard to tell, but I think Eric might have screwed this pose up too.

Katie and Anna by a river.

Anna and Jonathan on a log.

And Anna by a tree.

They got back late, but with enough time to catch most of K-State's struggle with Wisconsin. I'm glad the 'Cats lost in another battle of a game. And to a higher seed. How embarrassing it would be to have your team get absolutely destroyed by a much, much lower seeded team, perhaps a team that even had to play it's way in to the tournament. Anyhoo the 'Cats fought hard and we were all very proud of them. Pullen, Kelly: thanks guys. And we will see you next year, Coach.

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betsyann said...

Anna's not faking, she's carsick. I took the picture to show the other two kids zonked out and Anna, sitting miserably.

And I took the picture of the two girls by the ocean (sans parking lot), thank you very much.

And took the picture of the plant rehab, because I knew you would like it. Because I'm nice and I know what weird stuff you will think is funny. So there.