Tuesday, March 08, 2011

28 Days Later.

Our house had a grand time while we were on Katie's first road trip.

I tried to find a picture of Anna at three weeks to compare Katie to, but was not able to find a picture of Anna at three weeks without a binky in her mouth. Katie, just isn't passionate about the binky like Anna was.

Anna was kind of sick for Katie's three week birthday, so they watched some cartoons together.

Aunt Nadine had a meeting in Lakin, so she stopped by to meet Katie.

That night we watched the Oscars. I really enjoyed the Oscars this year.

Katie has settled on this particular binky-- if she is in the mood.

But she really doesn't usually need any help whatsoever to fall asleep.

Katie and I attended our first Cloverbud meeting with Betsy and Anna.

Anna has a great time at Cloverbuds.

Katie has been filling out quite nicely.

The ladies at the store are quite happy to have another little girl to spoil.

Katie is a big help at the grocery store. I never had to fumble for the list.

Katie has been working some on her expressions.

But some things don't change.

Katie had her first real bath. She loved it.

She has some pretty awesome post-bath hair.

I don't know if you know this, but Katie loves her Daddy. It says so on several items of clothing.

She loves her sister too.

Anna likes to maximize her Katie time on Saturdays.

Katie likes to look at the drawing Anna made for her.

We finally got a nice picture of Katie with her Mama.

And of all three girls. Go 'Cats.

Katie got to take her first ride in Lady, who had been in the shop since a week prior to her birth (hooray for warranties!)

Anna, like her parents, has been cursed with a childhood love of reading, although I certainly couldn't read books like that when I was in kindergarten. Here she is with her book she brought into the restaurant.

After the 'Cats finished up the regular season as the hottest team in the nation, we took Katie to the library for the first time.

And that night we finally got a picture of Katie with KiKi. Someone please remind me about Shannon.

For Katie's one month birthday, Anna got to give her a snack.

And Katie got to look at her library book.

And fell asleep contemplating her wonderful first month.

And so here we have 30 day old Anna on the left, and 28 day old Katie on the right.


betsyann said...

She's cute when she's angry. And the rest of the time.

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