Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A fuzzy week.

Life has gotten steadily fuzzier and fuzzier over the last two weeks. Way back in December I started noticing sciatica type symptoms. A pain in my back that migrated down and into my leg. Mainly a problem when after sitting for a long time. Well, anyways it wasn't anything too painful and it didn't really affect my day to day routine and quite frankly I had more important things to worry about. That has all changed. I now have trouble sitting at all, and the left half of my left foot is numb.

I went with Betsy to the optometrist and since my life no longer involves sitting, I looked at glasses.

These are the frames we picked out:

Then I went to the Doctor. The X-rays showed nothing, so he gave me a steroid to attempt to relieve any inflammation causing the pinched nerve. Katie didn't seem at all concerned.

On Tuesday we had a snow day. And there was actually a little moisture in the snow.

Anna was concerned for our safety after one the four light bulbs burned out in the flamingo bathroom.

I went to town for my Optometrist appointment and ordered my fancy new glasses.

Mom and Dad and Linda came out that night for Shrove Tuesday pancakes.

On Ash Wednesday Betsy decided that I needed to go ahead and give up pain for Lent. So she called the doctor and got me some pills. It was nice to get some sleep.

On Thursday I played timpani with the college band.
On Friday we decided that I couldn't possibly stand driving to Tulsa. Anna and I went to check what the snow did for the wheat. We still couldn't get the probe in the ground.

Katie and I spent a lot of time lying on our backs.

On Sunday Abby played Alsop rules hide-and-seek with Anna.

And the cousins came out for Katie's 5 week birthday.

Cephas finally gave in and held her.

And on Monday we finally got a picture of Shannon and Katie together.

On Tuesday morning I got an MRI. No word on how well my protons danced--results are pending.

And that afternoon we brought Katie by to meet "the ladies."

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betsyann said...

Ladies! I love that picture.