Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not my best day.

On Monday morning at about 3:30 AM I woke up with a crazy pain in my lower back. I figured it was my back seizing up again, but it seemed to hurt more. I ended up throwing up it hurt so much. And I am not a vomiter. So we went to the doctor's office that morning, where I was diagnosed with a probable kidney stone and given a shot of Demerol. They sent me to get a CT scan, which confirmed the kidney stone. Then I went to the urologist, who decided I should have surgery and to be done with it. So I got admitted to the hospital , where I was deprived of all food and water for several hours until I got operated on at about 10 PM, having received a shot of morphine and a fairly in depth demonstration of how to survive in the Canadian Wild next time I am stranded there along with a wrecked plane and an ax. They ended up installing a uretal stent to help my kidney drain, and I was wheeled to the door and allowed to leave at about 12:30 AM with a couple of prescriptions and instructions to not pull on any strings protruding from my person.

A doped up lobiwan shows off his hospital issue fancy-pants.

A dazed lobiwan is prepped for surgery. Apparently the morphine had worn off, based on the expression on his face.


mllr said...

there is no morphine in the Canadian Wild...nice hat...hope you are all healed up

linda jean said...

I can't believe you posted that picture when I got snapped at for taking it in the first place... I like the way that your bare leg is the same color as the stocking leg.

nattyman said...

So much to say I don't know where to start...

First of all, Survivor Man rocks! Jacob and I love to watch that together. New episodes start in about 2 weeks.

Second, do you get to keep the natty hat and the fancy pants?

Third, thank you Linda for clearing up the white legs. I was having trouble figuring out if both legs had on the fancy pants or just the one.

Fourth, always sound advice not to "pull on any strings protruding from ones person."

ummmm... I think that is all for now. Hope you are feeling better.

malh said...

Survivor man is cool. The boys and I were glad we had seen plenty of episodes when we got lost coming down the mountain this past week...btw, we saw Abby's signiture in the Westcliffe Chamber of Commerce guest booklet. Hope you are feeling better!!