Friday, May 23, 2008

Changing water.

Back in the days of pipe irrigation, changing water was a daily or twice daily chore. It was very hands on, turning on and off individual gates, rerouting water with a spade or attaching "socks" to the pipe. Today the closest I can get to even using the term "changing water" is when I have to switch which sprinkler is running over east. It does not take long and can hardly be considered work.
Loading up the 4-wheeler

Driving by the Zimmatic.

Opening the valve on the Reinke.

Leaving the corn field.

Heading into the wheat.

Closing the valve on the Zimmatic

Checking the Reinke for flow and proper movement.

Fine tuning the pressure with the engine throttle (below.)

Ready to go home.


linda jean said...

I'm really enjoying the farmin' posts...

mllr said...

very efficient Matthew but not near as much fun as syphoning from an irrigation ditch...I love the farming posts as well.

lobiwan said...

Not only not as much fun--the worst part is I can't take Anna along and let her play while I do my work.

malh said...

I loved being carried over the ditches by my daddy and having him help me start a tube... he could do it with one hand...and of course, swimming in the ditches. (The four-wheeler looks FUN, though). I enjoy the farm posts too.