Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Great Race, Part I.

[This section currently unavailable]Chris helped out by closing the sprinkler tracks up.

Heath and Kent came out on Saturday the fifth to ride have fun riding on the combine and stuff. Instead, they got to help me load up the drill with soybeans. Good thing I had a camera handy!
See that box over Kent and Heath's shoulders? That is soybean inoculant.

And here Heath looks on as I mix in the inoculant(apparently not actually a word.) Remember about the inoculant, because we are going to talk about it in later posts.

And this is where I start to regret the small size of my drill.

Sunday afternoon mllr and Jim stopped by and also got to help load the drill.

And here we are calibrating the drill. I know what you are thinking. Shouldn't you have done this before you planted those first 42 acres? Ans: Yes. Somewhere Dr. Ehler is making fun of me for being a typical farmer.

I know what else you are thinking. I can't believe you would break the Sabbath to plant soybeans. Well, first of all, the Sabbath is technically on Saturday. Secondly, I really have no excuse. Don't worry, depending on your theology, God may or may not have gotten even by causing one of the wheels to fall off of the drill. (Others might point out that I failed to heed the manufacturer's suggestion to check the lug bolt tightness after the first 50 hours of operation.)

We stole three bolts from the other wheel to get home, and then Dad went to get more first thing Monday morning.

Then there was more of this:

This field has had five crops on it (including this crop of soybeans) since the last time it was tilled.

So after replanting the original 42 acres, I finally got done late Monday night, [This section currently unavailable]


betsyann said...

Hey Rock Star, I think your trouble is that innoculant has Two (2) n's.

v. funny post, btw.

lobiwan said...

Then why did you spell it with three (3)ens?

You can call me Kentolla said...

well, you did it...
You really got me good that time!

Oh man, that's funny, that is good stuff...

jmlo said...

Don't you think God would be a bit more creative than just take your tire off??? :)

Ranger said...

as long as none of your appendages were fused to another part of your body, I think you are ok.

lobiwan said...

jmlo: No. See Exodus 14:25(depending on your translation)

ranger: Wow, that's cryptic. I'm drawing a blank.

Ranger said...

Johnny Tremain,
where did you go to.... ah yes GW, perhaps you didn't read those peasant novels in your fancy city school.

lobiwan said...

:o! Johnny Tremain :o! Nice.

But his appendages were just fused to each other, not to his knee or something.

nattyman said...

That was nice of Jim to let me borrow his shirt.

I also wanted to add that it was kind of you and Kent to not make fun of me while I went to shave in between those 2 pictures.

By the way, I am pretty sure I said something about calibration and I told you to make sure the lug bolts were tight.