Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fertilizing Fun

Loading Up

In these two photos I added some lines so you could see the banding pattern.

I find mushroom circles to be very creepy. And not just because of that uber-weird X-Files episode. I need to remember that before I go over to the Gray Havens at night. I would estimate there are 50 distinct mushroom circles in this field. (They are really hard to get a decent picture of.)

Here is some more exciting wildlife photography for you. Two coyotes hunting together. 2 coyotes working together actually can not run any faster than a single coyote, as Mr. Jackrabbit proved.

1 comment:

nattyman said...

Mushrooms? How do you know you are not still back in that field and this is all just a hallucination brought on by the mushroom so that you won't fight it?

That X-Files still gives me the creeps if I think about it too much.