Friday, September 19, 2008

State Fair Part 1;

So on Friday last we loaded up the car and headed to Hutch for some State Fair Fun.

We were lucky enough to get a last minute room at the "Big 'Ol Cowboy" hotel so that Anna could thoroughly exhaust herself Saturday morning before we even made it to the fair.

I liked this sign.

The "Big 'Ol Cowboy" was undergoing some renovations. They are apparently removing the water slides and lazy river to add more convention space. Let's see if I get the process right: Hotel installs super fun water park. Hotel increases convention business due to super fun water park. Someone realizes that they could make way more money on conventions if they only had more space. They remove super fun waterpark to add convention space. This kind of American business sense is why we will all be speaking Chinese someday.

Here is some pathetically short footage of Anna singing on her way to the pool and some slidin':



Jenny said...

I find it amusing that this post was categorized in "shocking and offensive political statements."

lobiwan said...

Good strategy! (wink, wink) Hooray for China! (wink, wink) 欢迎光临美国,同志! Ha Ha!

mllr said...

What a fun place!