Friday, September 19, 2008

State Fair Part Two

Both girls like their corn dogs.

Anna got to pet a grandma cow.

Caramel apple slices just keep giving.

Doin' art:

And a view from the top.

The worst part of the fair is all the weirdos you run into.


Jenny said...

That's a great picture of Betsy! Actually, I really like all these pictures. Very nice. :-) Makes me want to go next year.

Susan said...

rude pants. Now you owe me two birthday presents.

malh said...

Glad to see you brought sweatshirts. I felt so sorry for the "Ice Cold Rootbeer" people the day we went. It appears that your day may have been a bit warmer. Has Anna learned about all the free stuff yet? I always found that more fun than the rides--still do.

Steven317 said...

how did you manage to take photos up there? I was nervous just checking my phone.