Friday, December 05, 2008

More Economic GeoCaching.

With my field work done, it was time to go mark the bindweed spots over in the Gray Havens.
You of course remember.
I did this using my trusty copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips. Admittedly not the finest software for this particular job. Here is a screen shot, along with my new camera.

I didn't find any bindweed, which is good, but I went ahead and staked out everywhere where I had seen it before. I plan to visit these spots twice more with a hand sprayer. Once in mid-spring and once prior to harvest. You see, unlike in some states with musicals written about them or which are like whole other countries, we take bindweed seriously here in Kansas.

And now for some braggin' on my drill. Dale and I planted our wheat on the same day.
I'm feeling good about 2009.


linda jean said...

you are a rocking good farmer.

mllr said...

So what should I do about the bindweed in my flowerbed? It does have pretty little white flowers.

lobiwan said...

Spray with 2,4-d in the late fall. If you had any idea how many bushels of wheat those pretty white flowers have cost you over the years, you wouldn't say such things.