Sunday, May 13, 2012

The March to Oregon.

March! In May! Aren't you lucky!

 I started March by getting the nurse trailer put back together.

And then I went and looked at the wheat and discovered that I probably should have done my topdressing like a week ago.

That leaf collared around the stem there. Yeah. Generally want the fertilizer on before that happens. But that generally happens a whole lot later in March.

Oh well, we had haircuts to get and ice cream to eat.

We also decided we needed to figure out if we could actually have a third child without buying a new car.  The first test did not go so well.

March is crummy because it is the beginning of the end of those lovely long winter evenings inside with the family.
 The kind where babies wander around wearing random pieces of bling.

And sit on the table chewing on wrapped pieces of candy while the family plays cards.

I decided that I really didn't have the guts to try to straight no-till corn into corn, which meant that I needed to have Mark strip the circle for me, which  meant I needed to get the tracks filled so he could get it done whenever he had the opportunity.

I also took a gander at the wheat on wheat. Things did not look so good. 

I like it better when all of the seeds I plant sprout.

The wheat that had sprouted had also started to joint.


I got my fancy new streamer nozzles installed.

And got to topdressing.

I got to take some time off to dig out the sprinkler a few times.


The wheat on wheat didn't look better as you got out into it. Sigh.

Apparently I felt pretty optimistic financially, since I kept on making all these "little" purchases which I had been putting off over the last couple of years.  Like the steamer nozzles and these forks for the Ag-Krane.

One day we headed to Denver to fly to Oregon. I made sure the bins were shut before we left.

Betsy was all prepared to work on her school on the trip to Denver.  She didn't last long.

Apparently academic writings are dull in any language.

We spent most of the day before we flew out at the Denver Art Museum.

It was awesome.

 We made postcards...


And ate lunch...

And played dress up...

And rummaged through a gold prospector's desk until we found the safe code...

And found where he stashed his gold...

And we listened to mood music and wrote poems about the paintings we saw...

And made necklaces...

And solved Mayan mysteries.

We also saw a lot of fantastic art. We were there for six hours and made it through less than half of the museum.  This is one of the best run museums we have been to. Every exhibit had something hands on for kids and adults. We could have spent two days there.

But we had a plane to catch.

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