Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spraying Fun.

This is my new "Mix 'n Fill" tank I put on the nurse trailer. I can't reach the tank of the new sprayer with the hose from the far side chemical tank. With this I can put the chemical in, and then it goes into the sprayer with the water. It is a lot easier, and really speeds up the mixing process.

Here I am spraying the ditch over at the Gray Havens. It has a lot of joint grass in it, which we will discuss further next week.

I should not be snapping this picture. I should be seeing what is wrong with this picture. What could it be?

Dad doesn't have the ladder! It is still leaning on the tractor.

It pretty much always rains whenever I spray anything in the Far East. This time I got 0.25".

Ooh, I forgot about one of my favorite new sprayer features. This one has triple nozzle bodies. That makes it super simple to change the rate that I am spraying. Like here I just shut off every other nozzle to go from 10 GPA to 5 GPA. (I am still not sure that this is such a hot idea, I don't know that I am getting good enough coverage with 30" spacing. But it is worth a shot to find out, since blanks are way cheaper than nozzles.)

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linda jean said...

Gray Havens is my favorite name for the far east