Thursday, June 12, 2008

Desperate Times Part Seven and an Invader.

See Part Six.

Moving into the home stretch now. It is all headed out now and getting some pretty good grain fill. It is a pretty thin stand in most places, but with good plant health and pretty nice head size.

Looking West.

Looking East.

Looking Down. Like I said, pretty thin.

A lot of really nice kernels in this field, if not as many as could be desired.

And now a look at a minor problem that is quite prevalent this year.
Here I have pointed out a couple of white heads. These white heads are showing up in every wheat field I have seen in our area.

Here you can see it... A seemingly healthy plant topped by a dead-as-nails head. Quite peculiar.

Well, if you split them stem cross ways, you will find a spot where someone has been living.

This little guy. The Wheat Stem Maggot. Apparently he had a banner year last year as well.

How big is this problem? Well that's easy. Simply count up the number of white heads you see in the above pictures and divide by the number of green heads you see to get your percent damage. Ans: Not Much


linda jean said...

thanks for posting the answer to the question. I don't like it when I can't figure out the answer.

mllr said...

I would have gotten the wrong answer.

nattyman said...

Why is it called the "Wheat Stem Maggot"?

lobiwan said...

nattyman: I'm not sure. I think it is some sort of Indian name.