Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wheat Harvest Days 2-3 of 16

The air conditioner quit during day 1. Dad was more than happy to let me run the combine while we waited for the fix-it-up chappies.

The crazy amount of straw on the ground is because we had to run the header as low to the ground as possible since this wheat had gotten hailed on. Of course, we were very fortunate, as this is what some of the neighbors wheat harvest looked like (if you can't tell, they are baling this wheat field for straw) :

If you look you can see how wide a space I left so as not to pick up any JGG into the machine.

Levi came to help with harvest. I cannot tell you how awesome this was.

With plenty of help, it left me as the truck driver with plenty of down time. Don't think that I let this time go to waste. I had important business to catch up on:

Levi has a pretty good fan base. I ended up banning Jairus and Cephas from using the radios since they wouldn't stop arguing about whose turn it was to ride with Levi.

I thought I didn't quite get all my posts picked up!

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