Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wheat Harvest Days 6-7 of 16

This is what everybody wants to see first thing on a Saturday morning. I made Dad pull them out 'cause baby owls give me the willies. It's the hissing.


This guy wasn't so much of a problem.

They just don't design semi's for off road use.

Just a tip, if you are driving down the highway and your suburban catches on fire, just pull over right there on the highway. Please don't turn off onto a dirt road and park next to (and up wind of) someones uncut field of wheat.

The Joads move north, #1.

30 miles later (we took the scenic route.)


betsyann said...

Baby owls are so scary.

Trinket said...

GIANT SPIDER!! Can you post a warning or something, please? What kind of spider IS that? Ack.

lobiwan said...

Trinket: Spiders may be (much) smaller than they appear--
I really don't know, I just thought the green part was cool.

Trinket said...

Thanks for the info. I just hate spiders. Even small ones scare the tar out of me.