Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Had a Baby, and It Was Okay. Enter Jimmy Aloysius.

J to the A to the L.

Betsy woke up at 5 AM on Sunday the 12th.  She figured she would have a baby on Sunday the 12th.  Anna and Katie went to church and spent the day with Grammy and Papa. Everything on Sunday was done with the air of "I'll do this thing 'cause I guess it needs done since we will probably be going to the hospital momentarily."
It was a nice day, so we took a couple of walks and sat on the porch discussing the baby CD.

While there was contractering happening all day, it never really found a good rhythm.

So we ended up watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics without a baby. Which meant there would have to be a lot of changes to the baby CD set-list.

We went to bed Sunday night feeling very discouraged.

Betsy woke up at 2 AM on Monday the 13th. She figured she would have a baby on Monday the 13th.

Sure enough 3:15 AM found us checking in at the hospital.

 If we look ecstatic in these pictures, it is because we were.

We got all settled into our room and got Betsy all drugged up and then got all of an hours worth of sleep.

We then had a very long morning of waiting in which we found out that Tuesday New York Times crosswords are a lot harder than Monday New York Times crosswords, especially on an hours worth of sleep.

Dr. Koko stopped by at lunch time and figured we might as well go ahead and have this baby already and so we did, at 12:38 PM.
It was a boy.  A big boy. A 9 lb. 0.5 oz boy.

We named him James Aloysius. James (Jim, Jimmy) was my oldest brother who I never got to meet and who I was named after.  Aloysius is Dad's middle name and pretty much the coolest name ever.

And that's how we got our Jimmy.

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