Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wheat Harvest Days 11-13 of 16

First wheat in the new bins!

It is nice to have a lackey.

Boyd grew this PostRock for us, and it was the last of his wheat that needed cut, so we cleaned his machine out and were able to finish it up that night.

Note the brighter lights on the new John Deere on the left. Just like in the ads. Their combine is a mere 13 years newer than ours.

Keenan and Ari came out to ride the morning of the 4th of July.

Using all three tanks at once.

Dad went to see W. speak in Oklahoma on the Fourth, so I got to run the combine. There was a little down time waiting for the substitute truck driver.

And what kind of Independence day would be complete without fireworks? Lear's pictured above, and the city of Garden City's pictured below:

I apparently left my camera at home on day 14. But it involved roading everything back north. It was also the only day of the sixteen in which no wheat was cut. It was also the day that Levi went back home :( .

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