Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wheat Harvest. The Last Day No. 1 (15 of 16.)

We were in desperate need of a new sickle bar, which was not in stock on Sunday when we called. I decided I would go ahead and cut out the borders of the field first thing Monday morning so we could go ahead and clean out the combine while we waited for the loaner header they were bringing out since they didn't have the sickle bar for us.
You can see what a lousy job our header was doing. Then things got worse.

I pulled back on the stick. There was a ker-chunk, and the happy little combine could go no further. Deep inside the confines of the transmission, something had gone horribly wrong:
After the mechanic came out and confirmed what I suspected, the first step was to unload the grain tank on the combine into the grain cart:

Then tow the combine to the edge of the field... they winch it onto the truck.
The truck had brought out a shiny used combine which the dealership had gotten back off of rental:

Here we can see my combine being hauled away while we resume harvest in the shiny used combine.

There was a nice harvest moon for our last night of harvest.


betsyann said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! Susan needs to write us a poem!

betsyann said...

Is that confusing? Because she took one of your other beautiful pictures and blew it up and printed a poem of hers on it. It's one of my favorite things she's done.