Monday, February 11, 2013

May and Stuff.

One super fence, one super moon, and one super uncle.

There was plantin'

an' sprayin'

an' custom plantin'

an' The Jet watchin'

an' new fence construction dodgin'

an' super moon enjoyin'

an' more custom plantin'

an' big fence contemplatin' (I thought, "I sure will be thankful for the short auger on the 2188 come corn harvest!")

an' more The Jet watchin'

an' sproutin'

an' view admirin'

an' more sprayin'

an' weedin'

an' OKC nightlife enjoyin'

an' graduatin'

an' hoopin'

an' constructorin'

an' jazz drummin'

an' chillin'

an' readin'

an' emergency motor rearrangin'

an' more constructorin'

an' new high school tourin'

an' Sorry!-in'

an' eclipse watchin'

an' tire replacin'

an' drought succumbin'

an' more hoopin'

an' more drought succumbin' (4 days later)

an' more drought succumbin'

an' combine preppin' (can't wait to get the 2188 into some irrigated wheat now!)

an' more graduatin'

an' wanderin'

an' explorin'

an' relaxin'

an' Newsies singin'

an' playin'

an' belly comparin'

an' patriotic drummin'

an' waterin'

an' side dressin'

an' curin'

an' learnin'.

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