Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ready Teddy

We had a baby and named him Teddy.

So Betsy again made it to 40 Weeks

 We figured we still had a week to go, based on the other Slow-bmeyer babies.
But the weather turned cold and so I didn't want to be outside anyways and I guess the baby figured it would be a good time.

We had a full day of textbook contractering and about 6:30 we headed to the hospital.

The had replaced the creepy picture of a very pre-term baby in the triage room with this handy chart to aid in the making-fun of the wife.  What's fun is she will react pretty much exactly like you would expect a pregnant water buffalo to when you taunt her.

Yada yada yada....

At 1:58 AM we had a boy baby!  You people that find out early are crazy and are spoiling the greatest moment in the whole wide world.

We named the baby boy Edward Clemens "Teddy".

Edward for Betsy's Dad  Samuel Edward "Ted" 
and Clemens for my Mom's Dad Joseph Clemens.

He is the most perfect baby ever. He wass 7 lbs and 11.6 oz and 19.5"

He already had that little blister newborns get on their top lip, and sure enough, he found his thumb pretty quick.

Right away Papa Ted came over right away to meet his namesake.  Right away they hit it off right away.

Then we hanged out in the hospital for awhile.

Teddy also got to meet Aunt Linda and Papa Marion and Grammy Joan and Anna and Katie and Jimmy and also Uncle Chris and Kiki and Joe (not pictured.)

I think Jimmy was more excited than anybody else to meet Teddy.

Katie wondered why the baby had lied to her and told her he was a girl.  I told her that little brothers are tricksters.

I think Katie took this picture. I like it.

Teddy in the traditional garb and pose of newborn Lobmeyers.

And then on the 15th we went home!


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Susan said...

I call dibs for all Teddy holding next Thursday and Friday.

William Alsop said...

Wonderful, beautiful boy. Looks like his brother and slightly older sister. Congratulations. (Great) Uncle Bill