Tuesday, April 30, 2013

8th Month +8 Months (August 2012 2 of 2)

Katie, Oklahoma Agriculture's brightest star, and a two wheeled visitor from the east.

So I bought this header back when I owned one combine and then I ended up owning a different combine and by the time it came to use it and in the interim it hadn't occurred to anyone that the new header would not fit the new combine.

Jimmy insisted on being shown how to run the combine while we waited for a solution.

Anna got right into the swing of big-sister-ing.

And I had plenty of time to make the proper adjustments before picking George's dryland corn.

Katie and I hauled some wheat.

And we got the pick-up properly loaded for the first time.

Some folks came to meet Jimmy.

Anna and I did some more trucking, making a stop at the Pierceville truck stop, of course.

We had (another) private air show. (sigh (side-note: double crop beans don't work if you have to spend this much money on them. (oh well, as long as we don't have an early freeze or anything...)))

And I cut some truly terrible dryland corn. Crop insurance executives should be forced to spend a week cutting sub 10 bu crops before they start their jobs and decide that it is a good idea to make people harvest 6 bu/A cornfields.

Katie had fun, though.

So Vern had two ideas on how to fix my header, and, of course, the higher ups went with the cheaper, faster option against Vern's better judgement. So we had some issues.

The new motor showed off its non-water-cooled exhaust.

And we did some fixin'.

Some more folks came to meet Jimmy.

And some more folks.

I played Tumbleweed in the rain.

No rehearsals or nothin'!

It was a nice rain.

So we had no worries about enjoying Brennen. And look at those pretty drums.

All the cool kids showed up for Tumbleweed.

Everyone was duly impressed with Jimmy.

And then there was more Tumbleweed the next day.

Jimmy had a bath. He loved it.

Lindsay showed up during Tumbleweed on her epic bike ride. We had a nice chat re: modern farming practices.

And she and Katie gave a nice presentation at Plymell.

And she and Eric fixed our furniture.

And she saw all the important sights in GCK.

And she rode on the combine, of course.  You can read all about her stay with us on her blog. You should probably just read the whole blog. It is kind of awesome.

Eventually Lindsay pedaled away into the wild unknown.

And Katie and and I swung down to cut some corn for Rod.

And Katie became the new face of Oklahoma Agriculture. Really.

I don't know why I bothered to take this sample of corn to the elevator, Katie obviously approved.

Rod's corn did, all things considered, very very well.

Which gave me a chance to set the bubble-up auger just right.

Jimmy kind of made it hard to get any work done in August.

But I persevered.

With hep from Anna, of course.

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betsyann said...

All of the children look very small. How'd that happen?