Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Out with the Old and in with the Much Less Old. (July 2012)

Clean! Fix! Water! Spray! Repeat!

July was fun.


There were growin' things.

And lots and lots of cleaning of things.

And some incredible wildlife photography.

There was of course the little combine that couldn't.  Making a spectacle of itself again.

And when "how does something like that even happen?" happens for the second time in four years it makes one start wonder..

And think outlandish thoughts.

We had a nice Fourth. Threesie wanted to go to the pool.

There was music and fireworks too.

Then it was back to watering.

And cleaning.

And fixing.
 And growing.

 And cleaning.

And condensing.

The combine situation got worse.

So did the outlandish thoughts.

Things kept growing, like corn and milo and un-dead weeds.

 And then the heavens opened up.

It was wonderful.

I didn't even mind cleaning up the Basement.

A touch more for good measure.

How dry was it? Dry enough that I was back in the field two days after a two inch rain.

And four days after a four inch rain.

One day we met the Reeses at the 3I show. Dad was happy to pose with a major source of his hearing loss.

And Anna was excited to test her driving skills. There weren't a lot of people to avoid. Apparently 95+ temps are even worse for business than 45- temps.

I kept on spraying when it was cool enough.

I went to sign a paper and say goodbye before the hauled the 2188 away for good.

And I picked up this post-baby present for Katie.

And there was more watering.

And taking out of the trash.

And some very long overdue upgrades.

And more watering/cleaning.

And more music.

We found some Due Date milk!

Katie stayed cool.

Spencer and I stayed hot.

There was some more music in the park.

This shiny used combine showed up one day.

And the watering kept on.

Apparently some things need replaced every 29 years or so.

Threesie kept growing.

The shiny used combine was not used to being cleaned and retaliated by eating my boot.

We got some more rain.

(Some of )The milo actually started to look good.

Anna got a life-long wish fulfilled.

And  I missed the Olympic opening ceremonies.

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