Friday, February 15, 2013

Continuing Combine Conundrums. (June 2012 2 of 2)

Headers, harvest and heat.

The scale house arrived.

And we finished up the milo.

The new(er) headers arrived. A corn head made to fit the combine it is attached too! Luxurious!

There was an unfortunate incident involving some carryover seed, an improperly installed electrical plug, an unstable grain bin, and a Spencer. The Spencer was fine. The plug got mended. The seed became grain. The bin will never be used again.

The scale got configurated. And you should do business with Gene's Scale Service. Emphasis on the service. They worked harvest hours so we could get to our harvest.

The scale recorded its first weight

And then the the little combine that could decided that, on further reflection, it most definitively could not.

For those of you keeping track at home, this is the third wheat harvest in four years involving swapping machines with the dealer.

1995 vs 1998

Combines got cleaned.

Lunches got eaten.

Augers were cleaned.

Wheat was weighed.

Wheat was cut.

Things were busy.

From the field to the bin.

We took a day off.

Then bins were cleaned.

Combines were cleaned.

Wheat was cut.

Did I mention it was hot? Really really hot.



It got hotter. Not this hot, but hotter than it had ever been recorded before in Southwest Kansas. My weather station recorded 108.7 on June 27th and 108.5 on June 28th.

It was a really fun time to discover that the loaner combine had a bad air intake seal somewhere.

As soon as we got done with wheat we got going on some double crop soybeans.

The last load went in.

The Trimble did the heavy lifting.

There was a hiccup or two.

But we got the beans in before July.

Phew! Time to get this seed tender back to Brakey.

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