Monday, December 12, 2005

Best getaway ever...after he restarted it. Posted by Picasa

Linda. Posted by Picasa

Chelsea. Posted by Picasa

Jenni. Posted by Picasa

Anna. Posted by Picasa

This is Keenan and Sara(h). Posted by Picasa

Katrina, with Anna. Posted by Picasa

Kent, with Sara(h) Posted by Picasa

Megan, Betsy, and Jenny. Posted by Picasa

Kent and Jenni... Posted by Picasa

This is Heath, Kent's sister and Father; the bigger the cards, the better the poker. Posted by Picasa

This is a hungry, hungry hippo. Posted by Picasa

This is DANM. Posted by Picasa

This is Travis. Posted by Picasa

Kents wedding was October 15, most of my pictures were blurry. This is Heath. Posted by Picasa

An update

Well I guess it's been awhile since I made an actual update, and there are several reasons for this, and there are no reasons for this. Anyway we had milo harvest, a trip to baltimore, thanksgiving, and a couple of performances.