Thursday, March 22, 2012

Find My Farm! (Part II)

Today's edition of Find My Farm! is way more fun than the last time we played (CLICK HERE.)

Yesterday's lovely rain puts us at roughly 6 inches of moisture for water year 2012 (Oct 2011- Sept 2012.) Which is pert near the grand total we received in all of water year 2011.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We had Christmas.  I didn't take any pictures. But it was good.  Then we went to Oklahoma. We took a walk from Marg's house to the Capital building on our first full day there.

It is actually quite level.

Our first stop was the art gallery. And this is the first art I encountered.

 Then we stopped by Jim's boss's office to have a look-see.

Then we had an unofficial meeting in the official meeting room while Jim searched in vain for the official light switch.

 We stopped to take pictures here and there.

We stopped by Jim's old hangout.

Anna recited the preamble of the constitution for us.

We stopped to watch not-Drew-and-Jenna's-wedding.

There are a lot of murals in the capital. I was really impressed by how the artist managed to paint this one slightly out of focus. 

Then we waltzed into the Supreme courtroom.

They had pictures of important Oklahomanites on the walls. Scientifically speaking, every single important Oklahoman was on loan from Kansas (sample size: 2(two)).

I enjoyed this particular name and title combination.

Here we are outside the Capital building.  We only lost one person inside, so it was a fairly successful tour.

 Then we walked over to Jim's office.

First stop: Jim's garden, complete with his living anarchy Oklahoma Department of Agriculture symbol.


It is a pretty nice garden.

Here is Jim's office building.

And here is his office.

This very friendly stranger abducted our children before we could leave the building.  She brought them back.

Then Jim and Linda and I looked at the Supreme court building.

We went swimming the next day.

And then we went to eat lunch.

 Then we went to the cowboy museum.

Then we went to Drew and Jenna's wedding.  This adorable picture of Katie picture was taken by a professional photographer. Maybe he will not sue me if I link to his website. I guess we will find out.

Here is Margaret before Katie ruined the whole entire wedding.

 Here is the happy couple with the paparazzi.

I took some pictures of Chris and his kids while Erica supervised.

There was lots of family togetherness at the reception.

I suppose I will always be limited as a photographer by the fact that I have trouble recognizing when a picture is in focus. Stupid myopia/astigmatism.


Here is Margaret pretending to forgive Betsy and I for Katie ruining the wedding.

And reverse!

And reverse!

And reverse!

 The next morning we had Lobmeyer Christmas.

There were lot's of people there(not pictured).

Betsy got a present.

I got a present.

Katie got a present.

 Anna got a present. (Not pictured. Here is another picture of Katie, though.)

Later, we headed downtown.




Then I went to a Thunder game. I had never watched a whole entire NBA game before.

And that finished up 2011. What a strange year.