Thursday, May 19, 2011

6 Years.

Happy Birthday Anna!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Katie Takes Oregon, Part IIII.

Anna and Jonathan used our bonus day in Oregon to do some puzzling.

No one told me that Tuesday was trash day, and so it was all I could do to run outside and get a picture of the sweet articulated trash truck.

I also didn't get a picture of the sign on the side of the truck. It is state law in Oregon that all vehicles must plainly and prominently display signage as to why the owner of said vehicle is a morally superior being. For example: "I shut off my car at red lights!" or "I only eat food grown using antiquated methods which waste natural resources!" or "Save the pine beetles!" In this case the truck said something about how the company cut its truck emissions by 50% ( which I am sure had nothing to do with federal mandates for highway use diesel engines which went into effect in 2007 and which affected every single trucking company in the country) and isn't that special.

Then we went to the library. By which I mean we went to a park on the other side of town and hiked several miles to the library. There was some neat art at the park. It was very subtle.

Then it was off on our hike.

We once again found ourselves walking right next to a public safety hazard.

And here we are hiking back from the library.

At some point I talked to Dr. Koko on the phone since I missed my appointment scheduled for that afternoon. He thought I should definitely go see the surgeon about my back.

That night there was some story readin'.

And some nerd gamin'.

The next morning we went to the airport.

Our flight was delayed so we got some breakfast.

And Jonathan worked on what would have been his greatest masterpiece ever, had his mother not refused to return to the restaurant to get it.

Jonathan was very exited to see that they had a "Sneak Fighter" on display.

After that we went through security, so as to be better informed each time they further delayed our flight. We were very lucky because the airlines, in order to make up for cancelling one of our Tuesday flights, decided to give us a bonus flight and destination on Wednesday. So instead of only two stretches of pure sciatic torture, I got to look forward to three. Of course, our bonus destination was experiencing a rash of thunderstorms.

Katie didn't mind the delay.

They finally decided that we wouldn't all perish if we attempted to land in San Fransisco, so we excitedly headed for the plane.

It was a pretty good flight.

So then we arrived at SFO just in time to wait with all the other cranky passengers to board our flight to DEN.

A lady was nice enough to sit in the middle seat behind us, so we could all sit together. So that was nice.

And then we got to hurry through the Denver airport.

So we could catch our flight home. "Third one on the left."

And we made it safe and sound, only 33 hours behind schedule.
Although we did have to wait a little on GCK's complicated baggage handling system to deliver our car seat.

The End.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting back to nature.

Friday, May 06, 2011

I find it hard to believe that this is the lightest 'N72 seed they could find...

The worst part about the 3I show is the weirdo salesmen that are everywhere.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Cold weather and liquid fertilizer are not friends... :/