Sunday, July 30, 2006

My view this week. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

We had another hailstorm near miss a week and a half ago. This milo is only 1/2 mile away from over east. Posted by Picasa
This picture from may shows how wheat looks after undergoing severe disease stress, drought stress, hail damage, freeze damage and flooding. Posted by Picasa
My Girls Posted by Picasa
4 generations Posted by Picasa
A completely gratuitous picture of Susan's eye. Posted by Picasa
Anna's Great-Grandma Anna Posted by Picasa
They just don't make cattle like they used to. Posted by Picasa
With Abby and Susan at the Downs parade. Posted by Picasa
Anna Knievel Posted by Picasa
Anna loves snap n' pops, but HATES fireworks. Posted by Picasa
Anna has trouble controlling her enthusiasm for our great nation. Posted by Picasa
Anna and Phin Posted by Picasa
We pimped Drew's ride before he left. Posted by Picasa
Drew came and helped with harvest. Posted by Picasa
BCC won 1st prize in the Beef Empire Days parade. Posted by Picasa

gnimraf evol I

So thursday morning the motor over east was shut off because there was no pressure from the gas well. Then I had considerable trouble getting the sprinkler to pressure up because the water well was pumping air. Then one of the sprinkler towers quit running.

Good news: we have enough room to simply drop the water pump 60 feet. All they have to do is pull the pump and add some pipe.

Bad news: All they had to do to fix the gas well was to pull the pump and replace it with a new one. Unfortunately they broke something while pulling the pump and might now be forced to cap the well.