Friday, February 29, 2008

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Anna and Hippo, BFFs.

Ready for bed.


I was happy to oblige yesterday morning when Hippo and Anna both wanted Kix. This morning, however, Anna wanted Kix --but Hippo insisted on "pancakes with butter and syrup..."

Winter Fix

I think I learned my lesson this last corn harvest. Go ahead and get things fixed in the off season.

The Beaver State, Part 6

Being brainwashed by the Harry and David propoganda machine.

Anna and Jonathan spent a lot of time building.

This is Mount Pitt. That is not its official name. I can't remember its official name.

I'm pretty sure this is Mount Doo-- I mean Shasta

On the flight to Oregon I told Anna that drinking her juice would help her ears. This might explain her actions in this photo on the flight home, but I am not sure.

The Beaver State, Part V

On this day we went to a "really big swimming pool", which is sometimes referred to as "Crater Lake." Anna did not understand why she couldn't go swimming. There was some nice sledding overlooking Klamath Lake. The Park Ranger frowned on us sledding off of the roof of the gift shop.

I like this picture because you can see the Park Ranger making up his mind to say something to us.

The Park Ranger laying down the law.

The Federal Government is really committed to clearing snow from its scenic overlooks.

The Golden State, Part IV

Anna spent most of her time in the trees dusting.

The Beaver State, Part Three

Annafish and Matthewshark on the beach.

This is why Annafish is wearing different pants in the next post. (Thanks, JEO!) If only someone had brought her a change of shoes...

The Beaver State, Part 2

On this day we traveled to the Oregon Coast. Jeanette found a highly recommended "kid-friendly" trail for us to hike. Apparently their kids are all teenagers. Luckily, there were no wind gusts that day.
The view from the bottom:
The view from the top:

The Beaver State, Part 1

Last week, Anna, Papa Marion, and I went to visit Oregon. We caught a lucky break because it was sunny and warm the whole time we were there. On this particular day we went to visit a spectacular waterfall on the slopes of Mount Doo--I mean Shasta. We found out (judging from the three feet of snow) that the state of California doesn't place a high priority on removing snow from scenic overlooks. Anna and Jonathan thought this piece of dirty snow in McCloud was plenty scenic enough, thank you.After we returned from the slopes of Mount Doo--I mean Shasta, we visited a wonderful hands-on science museum parking lot in Ashland. We then went to the much more fun hands on playground at the park. Anna was very disappointed that there were no giraffes at this park.
Anna (sobbing): "Why are there no giraffes at this park?"
Jeanette: "Because there would be nobody to take care of them"
Anna: "I will stay here and take care of them"